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Pest Control Work Order - Please take your time and read and correctly fill out this PEST work order.

I am having an issue with...

Please be advised that Beucher & Son Termite and Pest Control is responsible for exterior pest control on all of the structures of Waterside South. Waterside South is not responsible for interior pest control. There is a fee for interior pest control. Please fill out this work order completely and as accurate as possible as this provides Beucher & Son the proper information to prepare for successful service.

*** IMPORTANT***: You MUST provide a proper address to receive your service. The building number, entry door number and condo entry alphabet letter MUST to provided. Incomplete address will automatically void this work order.

Is your pest issue an interior or exterior issue?

Is Property Vacant? Answer if only if an interior issue.

Type of Pest

Location Of Pest

Is there a pet in the unit?

I give permission for St Pete Termite to enter my unit to perform pest control. A duplicate key of your unit is located in the main office. The entry key will be checked out and checked back in when service is complete.

If this is an INTERIOR PEST issue, You MUST choose one of the plans below to complete this work order - an incomplete work order will NOT be processed. Payment is at the time of service, if you are not present for the service - please leave payment on kitchen counter top.

I want a pest free home, I want a the service below. Our service protects your home from general household pest such as ants, cockroaches, pantry pest, occasional invaders, etc. The fees listed DO NOT COVER Fleas, Ticks, Bedbugs or Rodents.

Rodent issues are NOT covered in the pest services above price list. Rodent fees are handled on a severity/time/material basis. Each job is different. Feel free to contact us to set an appointment to discuss your rodent issue.

Please remember: Payment is due at the time of service, if not present for service and no payment is provided, the work order is cancelled and a service fee may be charged.

Are you presently a pest control customer (A pest control customer is one who receives a service on a warrantied monthly or yearly schedule)

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