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FAQ'S Page

This page was created to help everyone who may have questions


Beucher & Son Termite and Pest Control Inc.

Established in 1997, Beucher & Son has earned a great reputation in the Tampa Bay Area as an honest, hard working and dedicated pest control company. 

Prior to pest control, the owner, Jim Beucher has a strong background consisting of US Army service as a Military Police, Fire-Fighter/EMT for a local Fire Department and as a Law Enforcement Officer in North Carolina. 

Waterside Properties

We are on the Waterside properties every Wednesday.


1. Do termites bite?  No, Termites do not bite.

2. The termites in the area you treated last time have now moved to another area of my unit!  No,Termites do not travel from one area of your residence to another such as an ant or cockroach would. You just have another termite colony that has recently matured.

3. I have termite wings in my window, does that mean the termites are there?  Not really, drywood termites swarm in the evening and will travel across your entire home towards ANY source of light....Termite wings are a ALERT that you have a termite issue. not necessarily where their colony is located.  Their pellets are what we need to find or their exit hole which is the size of a pencil lead.

4. I only have termite wings but there are no pellets, is that enough to service for drywood termites? No, the chances are low, since as mentioned above, I have to locate their exit hole...I am happy to spend time looking for a hole the size of a pencil lead but I do only have so much time to spend as other people need my help as well.

5.  I have termites in my kitchen cabinets, can you treat that area? Even though we are not responsible for any furniture, this includes cabinets, couches, beds, dressers, etc... We still want to help you with this and will do our best to correct the situation, but the attempts we make eventually have and end date.

6. You treated for drywood termite s last week in my bedroom and now they are swarming in my kitchen, does the product you use really work because I still have termites! Yes,the product that we use is rated as the best on the market. Just because we treated one (or a few) tiny spots in your bedroom does not mean that all of your termite issues are over with. IF you are experiencing another termite issue in another room or even a few feet away, you have another termite colony that has matured enough to swarm. It is not uncommon for a unit to have several swarms in different areas during the swarm season that are days, weeks or months apart. 


Work Order Submission

1. Is the BUILDING NUMBER important to add when creating a work order?  YES, it is very important. In most cases, if the building number is not applied, the work order in incomplete and will be rejected.

But I do not know what my building number is, now what? Easy. walk outside and look at the front corner of your building, its there.

2. I want Beucher &Son to come on a day that is not the regularly scheduled Wednesday, is that possible? Yes, but there will be a service fee involved of no less than $65.00.  We have established pest control routes  through out the Tampa Bay Area that must be adhered to and many other customers that have already set appointments well in advance. We are on the Waterside properties every Wednesday with no fee's for exterior pest control and termite work.

3.  If I am not present for the service, should  I still check the box if I have a pet, its just a cat?  Yes, Dogs, Cats, Iguanas, Porcupines or Gorillas, its does not matter as a lose animal without your presence to control has been known to: Charge the front door as it opens to go outside and I have many times chased someones little escapee and was able each time to eventually capture it and bring it back...BUT, there is that chance that you may lose you pet forever and I would never wish that on anyone. 

We are not responsible for the loss of your pet.

Dogs can be very territorial and when their owners are not present, they may become aggressive...yes, your cuddly little "FiFi" may become a Godzilla when you are not around. We may experience constant barking while trying to concentrate on providing your service is beyond aggravating will affect the service.

Plus in some cases, the product used is out in the open for the pet to get into, true all our products are EPA approved and have been mixed for the size of a small insect but why take the chance?

Birds and reptiles are very "sensitive" to most pest products. They never used squirrels in the mine shafts, they used canaries...

Bottom line: Those that have met us are well aware that we LOVE animals and will go far out of our way to protect them. So if your not present for the service the pet MUST be contained, either in a crate or in a room, this is not to make your life harder,its to make your pets life better.

4. I submitted a work order, will I get a confirmation? No, in most cases. If you submitted your work order correctly, we will be there.

5. Can't I just call you for an appointment? No, the work orders are there for a reason and this system works very well when properly filled out.

6. I submitted a work order and no one came, should we create another work order?

There may be several reasons for us not showing up for your service  here are the top three.....

1. Bad weather, in extreme conditions such as a heavy rain, in most cases, we will cancel your scheduled appointment. The danger of driving in adverse weather plus the mess that may be created upon entering your unit is not advisable. In most cases, you will be contacted by Beucher & Son by email for a reschedule, more likely the next weeks service day.

2. An unanticipated illness or injury. You should receive an email about his but depending on the graveness of thesituation, maybe not.

3. Believe it or not, we are just human and we do occasionally make mistakes like everyone else. We do apologize for the inconvenience.  

7. We gave you permission to enter without us being present for service, but you did not service our unit? In most cases, if not covered directly above, its the key that the office has for your unit. Many times door locks are replaced but the new keys are not provided to the office to have on file. In most cases, a door hanger will be left on your door stating that your entry key is bad. In this case, it is your responsibility to provide a new key to the office and create a new work order.


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